The Dollmaker's Garden


This medium-sized painting was made in the summer of 2016 in a private garden in France in Poitou Charente, the home of a German dollmaker not far from the artist's studio. It shows a pond with a running water feature also the inverted reflections of the trees and the sky and on the surface of the water lily-pads which part to reveal goldfish underneath. In the background to the left of the composition there are chairs and a table and a barbecue to indicate that people live here too. The lively brushwork is characteristic of Halliday's style where gestural brushmarks are held in combination with a strong compositional structure and filled with colour: notice the purple foxgloves in harmony with the orange fish.


  • Artist: Alan Halliday
  • Dimensions: H 73cm x W 100cm
    H 28¾" x W 39½"
  • Reference Number: 1133